Wintergreen Real Estate Company

Wintergreen Real Estate Company
Proud to have served Wintergreen since the beginning

The Wintergreen Real Estate Company was formed in 1974 as the Wintergreen community was being conceived. We have been instrumental in the planning and marketing of all of the properties within the community. As a result, Wintergreen Real Estate Co. is acknowledged as the organization most knowledgeable on all aspects of Wintergreen property ownership as well as the leader in its sales and marketing. Our agents have over 225 collective years of real estate experience in Nelson County and have been #1 in Wintergreen real estate sales for many years. As master planners of Wintergreen, we are the local experts in real estate and recreation.

Wintergreen Real Estate is the most established firm focused on Wintergreen, typically selling more homes per year than most of the other firms combined. Unlike other firms, we have two locations, each in the heart of the village it serves. Agents at either office can address all your needs. Our main location is at the entrance to Stoney Creek and offers not only real estate services, but also closing services like lawyers and a title company. Our mountain location is adjacent to the Wintergarden spa. The mountain office combines real estate offices, a cafe, and our state-of-the art Discovery Center with touch screen monitors you can use to explore the area. Adjacent to the Mountain Office we have created a park, open to all, with a fenced dog area, picnic tables, shuffleboard, and a bocce ball court. Visitors can check in at the Mountain Office rental desk to sign out equipment, free of charge.

With two locations, we offer you convenience whether you are looking for a country estate or property with mountain-top views.

The original founders of the company still form the nucleus of our sales staff and have made a point of infusing all our newer staff with their experience, knowledge, enthusiasm, and dedication. The Wintergreen community has been our life's work and we look forward to sharing it with our clients.

Community Commitment

Our commitment to the community is evident from our actions. We make sure a part of our earnings goes to local charity. Recent beneficiaries include Wintergreen Performing Arts, The Wintergreen Nature Foundation, Nelson County Habitat for Humanity, Nelson County Great Aspirations Scholarship Program, Inc. (GRASP), USMC Toys for Tots, and the Wintergreen Adaptive Ski organization, among others. Over the years we have contributed millions of dollars in the form of cash and property to worthy causes and organizations in and around Wintergreen. Our clients can feel comfortable in knowing that, in dealing with the Wintergreen Real Estate Co., they are benefiting the local community as well as themselves.

Our mission is to offer you the best possible real estate services, whether you are buying or selling property. Long focusing on property within the Wintergreen Resort, we are also offering our services to property around Wintergreen as well. Our new country property division is currently expanding into Nelson County. This has allowed us to bring the same professional demeanor to bear in assisting those who would like to buy or market properties outside Wintergreen but still in the local area

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