Tim Merrick

I first saw what was to become Wintergreen when I was a young boy hiking, camping, trout fishing and grouse hunting in the mountains of northern Nelson County. I grew up on a cattle farm in nearby Albemarle and Louisa Counties, and generations of my family have lived in Virginia since early colonial times. Mr. Jefferson was certainly accurate in describing the Old Dominion as "the eden of the United States." I am the oldest of five children and was educated at the Blue Ridge School and the Foreign Service School at Georgetown University. After military service in the Coast Guard and before coming to Wintergreen in 1975, I worked as the diplomatic and international representative for ITT World Communications and helped inaugurate the first telecommunications into Mainland China and the Moscow-Washington Medical Hotline linking the Ministry of Health in the Soviet Union to NIH.

My friend, Peter Farley, brought me to see Wintergreen in 1974 and I was so impressed, that I left Washington and never looked back. I have been very fortunate to work in one of the most beautiful and tranquil places in the world. It has been a rare privilege to be part of Wintergreen.

I am married to the beautiful Judy Mather from Ligonier, PA., who was the social director at the Greenbriar Hotel. We are blessed with two sons, William Mather (23), who recently graduated from Villanova University and is employeed by an environmental technology firm in Washington DC; and John Randolph (19), who is a first year at the University of Virginia. Our family loves fly-fishing, golf, skiing, hiking, bird hunting, and rollerblading. Wintergreen is the perfect place for us, as I hope it will be for you.

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