Want to see what’s available? Point your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone and see.

We have teamed with a virtual reality company, Layar, to offer you a way to see what’s for sale close by. Start Layar, select the Wintergreen layer, and you will see listings appear in your camera viewfinder as you move your tablet or phone in their direction. Complicated? No! Look below.

From the parking lot at the Cliffs, we pointed our iPad at the buildings, and the listings (large circles) appeared as we panned the tablet, along with a description of each listing and a small picture.

Condos For Sale at the Cliffs

Select One and Get a Brief Description

You set the range (from 0.1 mile to 1 mile). Listings within range will appear as you pan your camera in their direction. Select a short range to scope out a condo building, and a longer range for a neighborhood. The properties display as circles on the camera background. The larger the circle, the closer the property. Select a circle by touching it, and the property description will appear. Select the description and a map will appear guiding you from where you are to the property.

Note this use to see what’s for sale in a condo building. You could also use it anywhere, Drive to an area you like, then pan your camera to see what houses in that area are for sale. Just like virtual real estate signs.

Outside our valley office, we pointed our iPad at the Club Highlands area of Stoney Creek. We then selected a property and got directions. See below.

Properties For Sale in the Direction of Club Highlands

Touch to Get Directions from Your Location

Since there are no signs allowed in the Wintergreen Resort, this gives you an easy way to locate and see properties. See something you like? Touch to send us a message or call us at (434) 325-0500 and we will be happy to discuss or show the property.

This is just another example of how we are uniquely applying technology to make it easier–and more enjoyable–for you to find that perfect Wintergreen home. No other realtor in this area of Virginia can offer you this convenience.

The Layar application is available at no charge for the iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets. You need access to the Internet for it to work, either via wireless or a cellular network. Go to the App Store (Apple) or the Android Market (Android).

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