WREC Sponsors Improvised Shakespeare Company
You suggest a topic, they do the rest

Ever wanted to produce a play? Here’s your chance! The cast of the Improvised Shakespeare Company creates fully-improvised plays during their performance. They base the plays on suggestions from the audience. One play might be yours.

Shakespeare1The hour is bound to be filled with Elizabethan power struggles, kings, queens, star-crossed lovers, swordplay, rhyming couplets, and other devices using the language and themes Shakespeare made famous. Nothing is planned or written in advance. Nothing is rehearsed. We can’t guarantee what’s covered, but we can guarantee an immensely enjoyable evening, with no prior Shakespeare exposure required.

We, together with Wintergreen Performing Arts, invite you to attend the performance on Wednsaday, July 24th at 7:30 pm. Click here for more information and tickets.

The ISC will also hold a Morning Seminar on the morning following the performance, giving you a chance to ask questions and attend a hands-on workshop.

About the Improvised Shakespeare Company

Shakespeare2The Improvised Shakespeare Company was founded in 2005. They have been performing at the world-famous iO Theater in Chicago for more than six years in addition to entertaining audiences around the globe with the touring company. In addition to many other awards, they were just named Chicago’s best improv group by the Chicago Reader and the Chicago Examiner and received a New York Nightlife Award for “Best Comedic Performance by a Group.”

A Long History of Giving Back

Our commitment to the community is evident from our actions. We make sure a part of our earnings goes to local charity. Recent beneficiaries include Wintergreen Performing Arts, The Wintergreen Nature Foundation, Nelson County Habitat for Humanity, Nelson County Great Aspirations Scholarship Program, Inc. (GRASP), USMC Toys for Tots, and the Wintergreen Adaptive Ski organization, among others. Over the years we have contributed millions of dollars in the form of cash and property to worthy causes and organizations in and around Wintergreen. Our clients can feel comfortable in knowing that, in dealing with the Wintergreen Real Estate Co., they are benefiting the local community as well as themselves.

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