Many owners and neighbors in Stoney Creek and surrounding Nelson County have asked us about the pace of home sales this past year.

We are happy to report sales are strong and have been improving over the last several years. In Stoney Creek there were 24 homes sold in 2016, 27 homes sold in 2017, and over 40 home sales last year. So far this year, we have 12 properties either sold or under contract in Stoney Creek. And, there are only 10 homes currently listed for sale. This is a very low ratio considering there are about 700 homes in Stoney Creek.

Prices for homes have also improved. Due to low inventory, there is a definite need for more homes in the spring selling season. Of the last three pending contracts in the past couple of weeks, two were at full price and the third had only a slight price discount off the asking price. This is a strong sign that the market is recovering and demand is increasing.

In Nelson County, not including Wintergreen or Stoney Creek, there are only 36 homes actively for sale. Sales in the county have also been strong over the past few years. What is causing the improvement? We believe it is the perception of strong home values in Stoney Creek and in Nelson County as compared to other areas and the proximity to Charlottesville and Waynesboro. Easy access to recreation facilities, strong social activities, increased amenities, in addition to breweries, wineries, stores, and new restaurants, etc. along Route 151 make the rural, peaceful nature of this part of Virginia make this a very inviting place to call home. Charlottesville and Waynesboro and Staunton are an easy, short drive away and there is still only one traffic light in Nelson County.

Some residents have asked if this is a good time to consider selling. We feel it is the best market we have seen for several years as we head into spring. If you are considering selling, please give us a call at (434) 361-0500. We would be happy to help you, even if you would only like to know the current value of your home. We list and sell most of the properties in Stoney Creek so we know home values well. We are also expanding into other areas of Nelson County. If you do decide to sell we will do our best to find you a buyer.

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