•     April 15 Membership Zoom Call


In this Wintergreen Resort member podcast, Wintergreen Real estate Managing Broker Tim Merrick discusses life and real estate at Wintergreen during the Corona Virus pandemic.

As one who has been at Wintergreen since its inception, Tim shares his perspective on the pandemic and the real estate market. In response to questions, Tim covers Wintergreen operations (especially golf), and comments on resort ownership and enhancements implemented by PGRI since their acquisition. Tim also discusses the current state of the market, his assessment on the long-term effect of the pandemic on property values and how property values relate to tax assessments. Tim also offers some tips on property sales and how to deal with the question of selling property furnished or unfurnished.


Sponsored by Nancy Tynes, Wintergreen Resort Membership Director


Tim Merrick Membeship Zoom Call
Zoom Real Estate Update for Wintergreen Members
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