New Life All Around

After a long, cold, SNOWY winter, it’s time to refresh yourself. There is no better way to do that than a weekend (or longer) at Wintergreen, where all around you nature is coming back to life. New flowers and leaves are emerging, new fawns, birds, and even bears and bobcats are being born. Why not a new you, too?

There are lots of things to do here. If you don’t feel like a hike, or a program at the Wintergreen Nature Foundation, how about a session at the SPA? Or golf or tennis? Or a visit to our wineries or breweries? Or just sitting on your deck overlooking central Virginia for 50 miles watching others scurry around while you relax and take in the scenery? Click here or call us at (434) 325-7933 to book a weekend. Kim and Carey will be glad to help you find the springtime activities that suit you best.

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