Walkway to the Discovery Center

Sunday Morning at the Discovery Center

View of Eagles Swoop from Founder's Overlook

Skis ready to go--just add skiers

To say we have had a great start to ski season would be an obvious understatement. The pre-Christmas snowfall at Wintergreen even made the front page of the New York Times as we accumulated well over 30 inches. What that meant to the resort in respect to snow making is they opened at full thottle, saving a ton of money on utility costs involved with snow making and opening all the ski runs for Christmas week. Due to excellent ski conditions, resort personnel staffed and prepared to handle the crowds, resort operations gross income is approximate $1,200,000 ahead of budget. It is important to note that a good ski season is critical to budgeting and planning because in addition to funding future amenities and facility improvements for owners and members, ski season supplies most of the operational budgets for the year. The folks around the resort have done a great job, so next time you see someone with a name tag or resort jacket on walk up to them and thanks them for their service. Also, pray for cold weather and another couple of good snowfalls in the coming two months. It will make all the difference.

-from Tim Merrick

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